The Peace of Molasses

I know it’s January in which molasses is supposed to be thick and slow, but this Spring is winning records at least in our psyches. slllllllloooooooooooooow. I’m usually pretty chipper and work hard at being in the moment. Writing these morning musings keeps me grounded and looking around, and I love that. So many days, I can just get excited about how the world’s unfolding. And then I can apply that to the Peace process and then I’m my usual Pollyanna self.

But you know, it is a bit slow this year. There’s a lot of grey and a lot of cold. Luckily any snow that comes goes pretty quickly. But could the grey just go away? And if it’s going to be grey and moist, could we at least catch up on the water table. It’s hard to believe it looks like this and still the water table is down. Sheesh!

And yet, and yet, if I take this back to growing Peace, isn’t this just one more of those sticky spots where nothing seems to be happening. In fact where factions seem to be grating on one another’s nerves and everybody owns the one true answer to how Peace moves forward. And so for a while, until we learn to compromise, Peace will trudge along like the weather and like the rest of us. Peace be with us, better times are coming — because we’re going to make it so!



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