Big City Peace

Of course it’s not only in small towns that Peace is being made, we make it wherever we are. When I think about my life in New York, in particular, I think about the buzz. I was young and filled with restless energy and New York was a spectacular place to be for that. It was astonishing how many people you’d meet at a party or in the park doing fabulous, fascinating jobs. If you knew the right people, you could start a wave that moved across the boroughs and sometimes then out across the land and made a difference simply because it attracted a lot of attention. You can’t deny the importance of Star Power. And when I was working on things in the cities, it was always a goal to to grab some attention as you did the work because that would make the difference in whether or not things got the momentum they needed.

Wherever we are, we have to fit our Peacemaking skills to our context. But that’s the nature of Peacemaking isn’t it? So we work it in cities or in small towns and then find ways to connect our efforts to those of our cousins-in-spirit. Whether you’re a supercollider kinda Peace girl or boy, or a slow and steady wins the race one, Peace is waiting for our hearts to go to work.


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