The Many Peaces at the End of the Dock

This picture may well be as close as i get to a picture of heaven.

The satchel with my books, my towel, my little chair, and my iced tea jug were obviously put down to snap the shot!

I often think when i see shots like, (and i disregard my healthy skepticism about heaven), that my best-beloved, long-departed are in another cove also out of sight. My family you know. Heaven will have a lot of water.

But here at this moment there is nothing but silence and beauty.  And Peace. For me, a whole lot of Peace. There’s the Peace of Sitting. The Peace of Swimming. The Peace of Floating. The Peace of Being. The Peace of the Gentle Quiet.

Today I start my reading sabbatical. Today I dive into this Peace.

I wish you Peace and Quiet as well. Revelry too. but not today! Today it’s Peace and Love and Blessings…



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