A Side of Peace with the Leftovers

Leftovers can be great. They can also be left-overs because no one really wanted to eat them.

Summer time, we think mostly about the salads and fun things. Winter leftovers are heavier. Both seem to get tastier with time.

Right now, however, we have a lot of leftovers that are not tasty salads, but rather are the dregs of tribalism that allow us to think that one tribe is better than another. It’s killing our brothers and sisters and it’s going to kill us.

And that we need to deal with every time that dish gets served up. Everyday Peace cannot be taken to mean find the Peace where you are and ignore the rest.

We have responsibilities. Let’s get at them. We may not know what they are, but we can figure it out. We’re incredibly smart

I mean, she says wonderingly, we got to the moon, we can get to Peace. let us Peace. And is there any more of that cold sesame noodle thing?



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