Outrospective for Peace

Ann and I are good acquaintances… we’ve never spent a lot of time together, yet, when we have it’s generally been at an event where the community is swirling around… concerts to memorials, we know many of the same people.

We laugh however, because people think we’re the same person. No, I’m the thin church-voiced back up singer and the preacher-lady. She’s the good-hearted, well-thought blues queen.

What we both are, aside from our soft silhouettes is outrospective. We’re public women, pushing our own kinds of Peace. I don’t know about Ann, but I do my thinking in words, outside my head. I need to drip the words into silence or onto paper to begin to understand what I think.

Right now, I’m exhaling a lot, knowing I need to move forward gently…

Now is the time for Peace, Love, and Understanding. I exhale, forgiving myself and each other, and begin again in Love.

Ending with Peace; Beginning with the Same

Peace. It’s what we need.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just naive or blind… beating just this drum… am I doing enough to make Peace happen or just dreaming about it.

But then I think, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know another answer. Black lives matter — we must Peace. Let the Syrian refugees come — we must Peace. Hungry Children — Peace. The safety of our Muslim sisters and brothers  — Peace. Women. LGBTQA People. Everyone imperiled. Every marginalized soul. Our sweet Earth. Peace.

So Peace, my friends. Let’s build at it. let’s make our little hometowns and Valleys and Plains sweet places to be. Let’s connect them. Pull a string of need, any string. And let’s Peace.

Thank you for the joy you gave me in 2015. Thanks for looking forward into 2016. I hope you have a happy, healthy, prosperous Year, filled with Peace and Peace making.

Thank you, my dear friend Lorraine Rantala, for your lovely lunar shots. I am sorry to leave them… I loved living with them… loved knowing where the Moon was and what it was up to. we’ll see tonight whether I can let go of that or not!

Love and Blessings, Ann


Introducing: The Bartender and the Priestess


So there we were, two wise and slightly odd women, who spend our lives talking to folks, taking a break from all that by just sitting around talking about our work. We realized that we wind up discussing the same issues with people of all walks of life because, regardless of differences of background and influence, people have shared concerns. Fears. Worries. Hopes for a future. And, despite our coming from very different perspectives and often using very different processes, we often wind up with similar opinions about life.

So, who better to offer an advice column than the two of us? We’re going to be thinking about this stuff anyway — so we decided to think in such a way that you could follow us… and think with us… and start thinking about how you make good decisions.

And besides, we’re funny, and we have really great suggestions. And mostly, we’re kind. So follow us! Enjoy us! And ask us some questions you’ve long wanted answers for…

The Bartender and the Priestess

Smart Women: Here to help!