Outrospective for Peace

Ann and I are good acquaintances… we’ve never spent a lot of time together, yet, when we have it’s generally been at an event where the community is swirling around… concerts to memorials, we know many of the same people.

We laugh however, because people think we’re the same person. No, I’m the thin church-voiced back up singer and the preacher-lady. She’s the good-hearted, well-thought blues queen.

What we both are, aside from our soft silhouettes is outrospective. We’re public women, pushing our own kinds of Peace. I don’t know about Ann, but I do my thinking in words, outside my head. I need to drip the words into silence or onto paper to begin to understand what I think.

Right now, I’m exhaling a lot, knowing I need to move forward gently…

Now is the time for Peace, Love, and Understanding. I exhale, forgiving myself and each other, and begin again in Love.

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