Introducing: The Bartender and the Priestess

So there we were, two wise and slightly odd women, who spend our lives talking to folks, taking a break from all that by just sitting around talking about our work. We realized that we wind up discussing the same issues with people of all walks of life because, regardless of differences of background and influence, people have shared concerns. Fears. Worries. Hopes for a future. And, despite our coming from very different perspectives and often using very different processes, we often wind up with similar opinions about life.

So, who better to offer an advice column than the two of us? We’re going to be thinking about this stuff anyway — so we decided to think in such a way that you could follow us… and think with us… and start thinking about how you make good decisions.

And besides, we’re funny, and we have really great suggestions. And mostly, we’re kind. So follow us! Enjoy us! And ask us some questions you’ve long wanted answers for…

The Bartender and the Priestess

Smart Women: Here to help!

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