Present Peace

They tell us again and again, be here now. They’re not wrong.

And the beauty, it’s right here right now. We have to stop and notice.

Because it is in the moment that there is Peace… and then we only slowly widen that… so there is Peace in this moment and then we push it into the next. Now we have a past and a present. The more we do it, the sooner there becomes a future as well.

Present Beauty. Present Peace.


Peace Rocks

Rocks are so present. So weighty. Their age and strength offer security. I think of them as such givers of Peace. Holding one grounds me. I like having one in my pocket (but not in my shoe!)

It startles and disturbs me that people have used rock as weapons of violence.

And from that developed an entire arsenal of killing machines. Such sadness.

But rocks? They sit there. They are present. They are beautiful, even when they’re plain and common as dirt, because dirt is beautiful as well.

We could all stand to do more sitting and being present. The North and Winter in some traditions are represented by rocks… by presence. They carry our history in their striations. They’ve heard our stories.

Let us be more like the rocks this winter. Present. Tellers of Stories. Givers of Security and Peace.