Faces of Peace, Wherever You Look

There are so many places on cliffs and in streams where a profile or a whole or partial face appears. Geologists can explain how they were worn or why the rock broke in that way.

But even the not so fanciful among us are caught by those faces. It’s easy to anthropomorphize… As a species, we’re built for that.

But I always wonder… being me… about the spirit of that rock. Although of course, I wonder about the spirit of that stream or cliff… but the face always catches at my heart.

Speak to me of Love, o Oracle of the Rock. Speak to me of Peace.

Peace Rocks

Rocks are so present. So weighty. Their age and strength offer security. I think of them as such givers of Peace. Holding one grounds me. I like having one in my pocket (but not in my shoe!)

It startles and disturbs me that people have used rock as weapons of violence.

And from that developed an entire arsenal of killing machines. Such sadness.

But rocks? They sit there. They are present. They are beautiful, even when they’re plain and common as dirt, because dirt is beautiful as well.

We could all stand to do more sitting and being present. The North and Winter in some traditions are represented by rocks… by presence. They carry our history in their striations. They’ve heard our stories.

Let us be more like the rocks this winter. Present. Tellers of Stories. Givers of Security and Peace.

Rock, Ocean, Lighthouse, Peace

Sounds like a childhood game, doesn’t it?

Gorgeous granite, warning lighthouse, unfathomable ocean, Peace.

All of these words could have many modifiers. Peace doesn’t really seem to need one does it?

We’re a long way from the sea where I live, but it is good to travel to see it — hmmm… or maybe visit it. “Hello, Ocean, It’s me again, Ann. You are so beautiful! I’ve missed you. May I float in you?” As you know, if you’ve been following me at all, I’m more about being in bodies of water than on them, but whether you’re traveling or bobbing, the health of our oceans are crucially important to us.

We can participate in their health in small ways and big. If we begin to insist that the streams around us are clean (or cleaned up) then the water flowing from them into the oceans will be clean.

It’s only natural then to begin to expect — oh expectations can be wonderful things, if we have demands to accompany them — that the Oceans be cleaned of debris.

We can participate in non-littering campaigns. We can participate in clean-up campaigns. We can participate in campaigns to stop stupid packaging and plastic bags. Me, I could stop with the plastic bags already. Wouldn’t that be swell?

The granite? I think we just have to be in awe of its strength and beauty. To lean against it and feel the way it retains the Sun’s heat or the Earth’s chill. (note to Ann, it’s hard, try not to fall down on it and skin your knee.) And we need to remind our fellow humans that rocks are beautiful and eternal — writing on them is sacrilege. They are timeless, we are temporal. It’s a hard fact. If we want to make a mark in life, we must do it in life not on rock.

And the lighthouse and the people who climbed the steps and tended the fires and lived out on the rugged islands in the midst of the sea… And now those who find the technology that keeps our lights burning whether or not there are lighthouse keepers.

There are so many ways we can make Peace with the land, the seas and the elements. Let us bless them. Let us take them.