Remembering, Considering, and Contemplating Peace

There are lots of ways to think about a task. We find the ways that work best for us.

For me, one helpful way is to look at the roots, to be present to the plant, and consider the probable bounty. I had a logo once for some work that I did, which could easily be the logo for any work I do, Past, Presence, Future.

Peace although perhaps grander in scope than any task in the world has the same needs to be rooted, scrutinized, and dreamed about. That’s how we figure out the best direction forward.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It’s not, but it is fairly elementary.

And that helps. We’re all about anything that helps us get to Peace.

Showing Up, On Time, For Peace

I’m among the worst offenders. I always have one more thing I have to cram in before i go. Today is no exception. Sara and I are walking and then working, and I haven’t written this or checked over a piece I’m supposed to put out today. And instead I chose to sneak in a little reading.

That little reading, as pleasurable as it was, set me back, and will make other things rushed. Why do I do that. Why not set the clock if I wanted to read? Why not get up and do the other things first and then read if there’s time…

Why leave people (or dogs) standing around tapping their feet. (Oh, can anyone make you feel more guilty than a pet who wants something now? And with dogs, it’s the pleasure of your company! They get so excited when you’re finally ready.)

Peace. You have to show up for it. It requires Presence.


A Land of Peace

It’s astonishing how beautiful this country is. It’s vast and so varied in its landscape.

There is so much land that is undeveloped, huge tracts of beauty, each unlike the next. Did you know there are hills that look like fern leaves with their crevasses and greenery? I’d never noticed before.

All that beauty. All that bounty. And so much hate that roils.

I kept thinking, we owe the land more than this. We owe Love to this Beauty and we owe it to one another.

Can we take a Sabbath from the divisiveness? Can we dedicate some time to really hearing those on the margins? We could try a day, and if it works, contemplate a week of Understanding…

It’s a lot. It’s hot. Just try it for a day. Be your best self. Be a welcoming presence. Be the Peace and Understanding this world needs. Because this land is your land. This is your country.



Present for Peace

If Peace is going to happen, we’re going to have to show up. We’ll have to show up eagerly, hopefully, purposefully. We’ll have to be there with our whole heart.

The time for holding back is gone. It’s time for generosity.

Every day we need to be showing up and doing our best for Peace. She goes nowhere without us.

This goofy happy dog made me realize, yep. Dogs. They show up for the pack. Here I am, I love you! We could learn a lot from dogs about showing up.

And because we’re humans, we can be deliberate about enlarging the pack we run with.

Peace wants us. Let’s show up.