Showing Up, On Time, For Peace

I’m among the worst offenders. I always have one more thing I have to cram in before i go. Today is no exception. Sara and I are walking and then working, and I haven’t written this or checked over a piece I’m supposed to put out today. And instead I chose to sneak in a little reading.

That little reading, as pleasurable as it was, set me back, and will make other things rushed. Why do I do that. Why not set the clock if I wanted to read? Why not get up and do the other things first and then read if there’s time…

Why leave people (or dogs) standing around tapping their feet. (Oh, can anyone make you feel more guilty than a pet who wants something now? And with dogs, it’s the pleasure of your company! They get so excited when you’re finally ready.)

Peace. You have to show up for it. It requires Presence.


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