Making Miracles, Making Peace — At the Kitchen Table

Women don’t gather enough. Our lives are insanely busy so when we’re going to wind up in someone’s kitchen with enough to do other than complain I don’t know, but I do think Kitchen Tables can be magic. And the work done around them is Miraculous.

Not only does food get prepped or tasks accomplished, lives get discussed and bettered over tea or coffee and some smidgen of something sweet. If we set ourselves to the task of peace building, who knows what could be accomplished?

Maybe we just start with with gathering and sharing our lives. But sooner or later, someone’s going to say something and all that collective wisdom will come pouring out. It might be a personal problem that gets resolved if not solved, a plan for tackling a problem with the local playground, or an idea about changing your corner of the world.

And in the meantime, tea. with friends. Your own life miraculously better in some small ways. A million of these miracles, and life starts improving everywhere.

Simplistic? You betcha! Fairly simple, also true. Worth trying. Absolutely. Better if you include people who don’t look like you? Yes. Let’s start making Peace an old fashioned way. Piece together those miracles at the kitchen tables. Peace. We can do this and we must. Let’s try something we’re not doing. Because Peace needs us. I’ve always been in awe of what happens at Kitchen Tables. They’re still they’re. Maybe we just need to visit a bit more. It’s worth a try. Peace is always worth the effort.




Are There Miracles? Is There Peace?

We know that Spring happens, but it still feels miraculous to see those flowers burst forth — and to weather the early spring storms. The brilliant green of June, the blink of fireflies in July, I can name you something in every month of the year that we find miraculous either because they take our breath away or restore our hope.

Should we quibble that they’re not technically miracles? Because they really, really, really feel like miracles.

And what about things like friendship and romance. They develop across the most unlikely barriers and differences. Are there sweeter miracles than these?

All the impediments sometimes don’t seem to make a difference and love blossoms and flourishes, just as the narcissi flourish in the Spring.

So, isn’t it possible that something as ridiculous, as astonishing, and as unlikely as Peace could also bloom and flourish? Imagine the first perfect strawberry you eat in a season. Peace might taste like that. Strawberries are possible. Why not Peace?

And if miracles are possible, what would it take to keep them happening. The Earth does a pretty good job with Spring, although heaven knows, humans are doing their best to screw that up. And people keep falling in love and friendship, despite the barriers. So how do we keep Peace happening? How do we encourage it’s burgeoning?

Let’s Peace. Let’s find out. Let’s be the Miracles we need in this world.