Anticipation: Peace of Advent 1

Several years ago, I did a bunch of meditation cards for Advent. There was a word for each day. It was great. A couple weeks ago i looked at it.

Now? It’s totally missing from my computer. Can’t find it anywhere.

I guess that’s an invitation — and isn’t all of Advent.

Today’s word is Anticipation. This week is about Hope.

And if you’re doing the Alternative Advent Calendar, which is an opportunity to put money aside for a cause based on all the wonderful things you have in your life, today’s invitation is to put in 10 cents for all the hot water taps in your house. I get off easy. My little rental only has 3. 30 cents for me.

You are cordially invited to donate to the weekend food back pack program that my community supports here in the Susquehanna Valley.  You can find out more about the LOVE Project (Let Our Valley Eat) here.

I love Advent. I love the Dark of it, the Quiet of it, the Introspection of it. I love the Peace it brings to me and the way it asks me to bring Peace to it.

Ahhhh… I’m going to revel in every day. If you read me, you’re going to have to as well! Peace!