Inhale, Exhale, Peace

This picture was so sweetly reminiscent of both Passover and the Easter Vigil. There is a path through to the other side. And there is slow, still time for refection.

Both of these holidays speak not only of the eventual triumph, but also of the need to be engaged in the present, which is troubled and grievous.

We’re so willing to look away from life’s uncomfortable and ugly moments. But they don’t go away for all that.

Giving Peace a chance, means being present. It means wading in the water. It means sitting shivah. We can only hope that new days will dawn and a path will open. In the meantime, we must find our Peace where we are and mourn what is so difficult. Peace is present every day. We must be present to it.

A Beautiful and Peaceful Beginning

Good Morning. Happy Easter!

Unlike today’s beautiful picture, Our day in the Valley is going to be one of mist and mystery. Which sort of suits this holiday of profound mystery and rampant —and I admit it fun — commercialism of talking bunnies bringing eggs and new clothes. (The new clothes imperative belongs to a Pagan holiday Beltane, when you throw off winter and burn your clothes. It makes more sense when Easter’s a month later. Did you get new clothes growing up? We often got Spring Clothes, but my mom was very clear we did not get a new outfit for Easter. She hated the connecting of the profound and the profane. I appreciate that understanding a lot better now! And in fact, practical child that I am, a pretty little spring dress when it’s very cold wasn’t really that much fun to a child who had no meat on her bones. The egg hiding was originally incentive to our bird friends to fruitful and multiply.)

However you celebrate today, I hope it’s in the presence of those you love.

And oh, Deb Slade, what a picture. Such Beauty. This branch of the Susquehanna is a slow moving one. So many days, and this picture represents this, it looks like a lake rather than a river.

Peace to you. Peace and Beauty, and Joy. The Peace and Beauty of rose-gold mornings and rivers. The Peace and Joy of Easter. The Peace and Beauty and Joy of another day to be a live and make a difference.


The Peace of No Squalls

We really do seem to have sailed through March with no flurries. So our flowers are bravely pushing their way out of the ground. We’re having the flowers we often have at Easter, despite the fact that Easter is incredibly early. (Western Easter, that is)

On the one hand, it’s  crazy. It’s too warm for this time of year. Whether it’s climate change or El Nino, something is not right. On the other, it’s hard not to appreciate it. It’s the end of March and it’s supposed to be a balmy, sunny 72˚.

March is such an amazing month filled with ups and downs, filled with anticipation. It’s amusing to watch people fuss and fume when it does what it does. You hear people say, here, in Central PA, “but it’s Spring, it should be warm.” Uh, no. Well unless you have Climate Change or El Nino.

But here we are, with a beautiful day, and many people on holiday. Be here now. Enjoy the Peace of today.