Mountains of Peace

Tall, majestic, enduring. These are great qualities to inspire us.

Obstacles. In the way. Less exciting. But inspiring nonetheless — if we let the challenge settle…

And perhaps, we might see them as less than in the way, and more the way.

The way to Peace lies over the mountains. Even in the flat lands there are mountains between Peace and us. We must negotiate them to get to the Peace we want.

So no, I don’t climb mountains for recreation or because they are there. I climb them because the perspective can change my life, the way inspires me to adapt and the companionship (or the promise of it) encourages me to continue.

There is Beauty. There is Hope. There is Challenge. And always, always, always, there is Peace.


Bacon Peace

When I thought about the challenges of writing this year, it was more about the challenge of finding the right words — i hadn’t really thought about the challenge of the pics themselves.

I am a meat eater and a fan of bacon. I find it a lovely, lovely thing. And I know that a lot of people who follow me are not meat eaters and so they look at this pic and say “really?” And I understand that. If we’re going to eat meat at all, we eat too much of it and many of us eat it without regard to its raising. That’s a problem.

And a pic like this doesn’t allow wiggle room. I’m a pretty good wiggler.

And yet, here we are — Bacon. a whole grill full of it! A chef is getting ready for a day at work.

And so we make our Peace with the joy and the discomfort. Thanks for the challenge, Heather! Every day, Peace.