Bacon Peace

When I thought about the challenges of writing this year, it was more about the challenge of finding the right words — i hadn’t really thought about the challenge of the pics themselves.

I am a meat eater and a fan of bacon. I find it a lovely, lovely thing. And I know that a lot of people who follow me are not meat eaters and so they look at this pic and say “really?” And I understand that. If we’re going to eat meat at all, we eat too much of it and many of us eat it without regard to its raising. That’s a problem.

And a pic like this doesn’t allow wiggle room. I’m a pretty good wiggler.

And yet, here we are — Bacon. a whole grill full of it! A chef is getting ready for a day at work.

And so we make our Peace with the joy and the discomfort. Thanks for the challenge, Heather! Every day, Peace.