Sweet June Peace, llvl

It’s hard to understand how lucky those of us who live here are. Yesterday, my half of my community went to the mountains for worship and hiking and playing. An hour from where I live is a state park filled with trails and waterfalls and forests that have rhododendrons just like this one lurking to surprise you with beauty.

Kids played in the (brrrr) lake, bluebirds (bluebirds!) twittered at us from the pavilion rafters, pretty healthy food was served (we are UUs after all).

Driving down off the mountain the vista over the valley was incredible. Everything was green and a surprising amount of land is undeveloped. Certain places along the road there is nothing to look at but canopy and sky.

I live here. I don’t get out often enough. And I certainly don’t get out and sit with my friends to visit, walk along a trail, or hop in a natural body of water anywhere often enough. And Why not? Why not fill up on Peace so that we can spread it. We live in beauty. Let’s get out and enjoy it. June’s perfect weather is fleeting.


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