Stuck in the Middle Peace

“Stuck in the middle again.” And what better place? And who better to be stranded with.

Here we are. Life’s a jumble. Everything is every which way, but if we have clarity then we can decide the journey we want.

I don’t know about you, but I’m probably never going to be a maker of Peace in spectacular ways. I will trudge along, but probably never be the one called on “to pray the devil back to hell” in ways like Leymah Gbowee.

I will be called on, on a daily basis, to make Peace where I am. To honor and esteem it. To hold it close and precious. I am called on to be unfailingly kind. To be observant. To be present and aware. Present to you. Aware of you.

How I am called is different than how you are called. Ever since I started this year’s musings on Peace, I have been increasingly aware of the single-minded, simple-hearted, ensouled movements toward Peace in this area. Some people work on huge (and small) political projects, some work on spiritual pursuits, others on matters of the heart. And there are those, and I know and love them, who make life better for our bodies. All of them work toward Peace and inclusion — because isn’t that the center of Peace? — and all of us are gratefully acknowledging the others’ work.

We don’t own the Peace Road, we walk it in good company. We may not understand another’s journey, but we’re neighbors on the path. Here we are stuck in the middle again. So let us make the progress we can. And let us enjoy the company. Because this? Is a very long road.


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