Peace Companions

I live in the most extraordinary place. But then, so do you. It’s simply a matter of paying attention.

Since beginning this year on Peace, searching the headlines and searching my soul, I’ve seen many different and wonderful things. They were probably there before. I just wasn’t seeing them because I wasn’t looking. My facebook connections have morphed, deepened. Sure there are lots of fun and fluffy posts. Nothing wrong with that. I’m a fun and fluffy Gurl myself… There’s a reason I wanted to name my TV show: Sister Fluff and the Goddess Gospel Hour. I think we’ve overlooked the value of silly laughter and that silly laughter can leave us entrees into the more profound. There’s even lots of stupid, hateful stuff on FB, but I see a lot less of it now that I’m posting consistently about Peace.

Is FB the right place to post about Peace? Yesterday I heard a talking head say there’s something like 7 billion people on FB and one in 7 (again, these are sorta numbers, because I can’t even remember where I heard these, but a WHOLE LOTTA FOLKS are on FB… and if we start spreading our peace posts out. If we start reposting our friends’ wisdom when we encounter it, we can sweeten the pot, deepen the flavor. Some people would say cheapen… that FB is too glib. That’s not my experience.

Here’s my experience: I see more people who are doing great work. I see more people who are posting about things that matter. I see fewer people who are only worried about money or hate. I see people stretching out. I know there are people following me, the professional me, not the personal me (although they’re pretty related) who don’t agree with lots of what i think, yet who encourage me to post my peace dreams. They’ve reached out during my grieving.

I believe we all have dreams of Peace. We just need to encourage one another. Peace gets made in little ways as well as large. We’re in charge of the little ones. Let’s get going. (and let’s make sure we stop for a cuppa, because that always makes the journey more fun.) The community is larger than we think.



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