Out of Fear, Peace

It’s the only place Peace can come from. Because it’s the place too many of us dwell, too much of the time. So let’s just admit it and start building Peace here.

We are frightened and it is not without cause. People are doing fearsome stuff. People have always done fearsome stuff. Is it worse now? Are we simply reading about it more? It seems worse. It seems as if folks are more callous (read more frightened). Horrible things are happening. We can do what people do and throw up our hands. Bury ourselves in the distractions today’s world offers.

Or we can commit. And as the prayer says “Begin again in love.” Or as we’d say over here at Sacred Village, “Begin again in Peace.”

All we have is Peace and one another. Life will always take lives, and accidents will happen. But in those sacred places in between, we can make Peace. Exhausting, exhilarating Peace. Peace be with you. Peace be you.


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