Stop Whining! Change Your World and Everyone Else’s!

Have you noticed yourself whining? Have you noticed how much time you and your friends spend griping about life? Want to make life different? Stop complaining. Start your blessing counting. Tell good stories.

My husband and I are both rather wickedly funny. And I’m not giving that up. But it can morph pretty easily from laughter to sort of pursed mouth whining about others and what they do do or don’t do and how incredibly wrong this is.

So we’re weaning ourselves off the superiority and the negativity. And you know what? We live in a much better world. And we have more fun together. Our life together and our lives in the world are really, really great. He’s a musician. I’m a writer and a minister. It doesn’t get much better than that. We love going to work every day. So, why whine?

And really? Laughing. More fun than whining. And leaves a lot more time to get things done. And other people want to laugh with you. And then you can engage them in your sneaky little plans to change the world and make it better and they’ll want to because wow! They’re having fun. Ha! Keep making Peace… who was it that sang “and when you’re smiling, and when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you?” I don’t know. But they were right. Smile at people, next thing you know you’re caring about their lives

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