A passion for sewing, a need for dresses and the world changes

In the local paper I read about a woman who saw a newspaper picture of a little girl in a favela. This child was dressed only in her underwear. The woman discovered there were a lot of little girls not only there, but all over the world, who didn’t have clothes. “You know what?” she thought. “I have cloth and I sew. I can make dresses.” And so she started sewing. She didn’t decide to change the world, just to make dresses and send them to little girls wherever they might be needed. She made contacts and started sewing dresses.

Her friends found out. Why, they sewed too. So they started sewing with her. And now there are a bunch of women, sewing dresses for little girls who would otherwise have nothing to wear.

Then the seamstress of dresses and dreams got sick. Cancer. Now the sewing of clothing provides purpose and inspiration to help her cope with her treatments. The other women carry on when she feels lousy.

She’s just one lovely woman doing what she can and changing the lives of little girls all over the world. Because you know, when you have a dress, you can go to school. And education, particularly for women, is the single largest indicator of a changed life. A newspaper article and a Singer. Stealth sewing. You go, Grrl!

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