Women of Wisdom and Power Gathering to Transform the World


It’s time! The clarion is sounding! You, you wonderful Woman of Wisdom, it’s time to use your powers for good. Finish up that last self improvement class, pronounce yourself good enough to make a difference. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? With whom do you want to do those things? How can you make your community better, safer, saner, healthier? What legacy are you going to leave?What are you waiting for?

Women connect: problems with solutions, dreams with reality, one group of people with another. Any problem shared is a problem lightened. Any dream shared is a dream expanded. Gather your besties into a Council of Wise Women. Figure out what problem you want to tackle. And then do it.

I’m almost done designing a program that’s going to help you change the world. I’ve gathered my Council of Elders around me and we’re getting ready. You start dreaming and keep watching this spot.

In the meantime, at the moment, these are the pieces of the program that are going to take you from Vision to Plan… and right on to community change and personal satisfaction. If you can’t have it all, you might as well decide you want the good parts! Let’s go! There’s a world of Peace waiting on us.

  • An Introductory Meeting
  • A Overview of Councils of Elders
  • A Preparation Workbook for the Councils of Elders Retreat
  • A Councils of Elders Weekend Cyber Retreat
  • A retreat manual for building your project
  • Free Monthly Check-In for 6 months
  • Optional Coaching Calls for Optimal Success

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