Spring Sabbath Peace, llvl

Oh, another beautiful Spring Day — clear and cool and sunny. Having “weathered” Winter, it’s lovely to have Spring linger and not just toss us into Summer.

The longer it’s cool, the longer my beloved violets will hang out. And that makes me happy. Sometime today, whatever else i do, I’m finding time to cram a neighborhood walk in to admire the violets dancing in the lawns.

I’ve had a particularly busy week. It’s been fraught with emotional ups and downs and loaded with things to do. They’re finished, they were mostly successful! and me? I’m exhaustipated! So today, I’m claiming the rest the sabbath offers. despite the beauty, there’s a nap in my future, I’ll eat things that are good for me, and maybe, even, pick up my room so it doesn’t make me crazy. Maybe later, I’ll read a book — if I can find one that asks nothing of me. Because nothing is just what I have to offer!

We don’t have a lot of days when the weather is so delightfully comfortable; so take advantage. I plan to indulge myself in the Sabbath. I’ll be pushing the pause button — ahhhhhhhh. relaxed. I wish you the same Joy and a full measure of Sabbath Peace.



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