Grape Hyacinth Peace, llvl

Short one this morning. Gotta get ready for the arts festival. where DID I put my sun screen?

The purple fields were astounding. A birthday treasure. And a sweet coda to the planting of Deb’s trees. I found more of wedding hearts that my friend Lorraine had made for me, and I had copied onto bright pink paper, took them to the park, thinking we could write on them and bury them with the roots… but the tree was planted. A friend said, we can put them on a stick. So we all wrote love, and made a love flag. It was gorgeous.

But it made me aware how sad I still am… so the purple fields were balm. Nature’s got it for us, if we’d only let it give it to us…

So thanks, my dears, for all the love you’ve given me through this… I had a very hectic and exhausting birthday… and one filled with wonder and love. I spent the entire day with my SweetPea, which we never get to do… and now, I wish you Purple Peace and Breakfast Peace and a great day!


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