Birthday Peace, llvl

What a wild ride today will be!

I’ve packed some ashes and Deb’s baby spoon for the tree planting. I’ve tucked the brass music stand into the car for this evening’s performance. Hankies to cry with, and scales to warm up. (and oh, yes, the music!!! eek. still a couple rough spots… but the high notes seem to be right there… life, the challenges and the blessings.

but all in all, there is love, love, love and I’m the luckiest woman. Lucky in friends. Lucky in family. Lucky in work. Lucky in community. and oh, lucky in Love.

I’m going to pack all the lovely messages I’ve received into my heart and use them for fuel for the year to come. What if this could become the Valley with No Hungry Children? What if? That’s what I want for my birthday! Wanna Play? Together… Peace.


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