Spring Parade Peace, llvl

Whether its from the attic to the bedroom, or from one bedroom to the next or even just front of the closet to back, the parade of clothes from Spring to Summer has a special place. (And i like it the other way, as well, but now is the time of Spring!)

Don’t know that there’s lots of important things to be said about it, but the change of mindset that’s needed… slowly moves us to a different place. Sorting out, seeing what you thought last year. Seeing what favorite thing really needs to be retired. Seeing what really never flattered… and releasing it so it can make someone really happy.

Even the flowers were being changed. I walked by this wonderful stand of tulips, who were going off to some other garden group in another town, making way for “gorgeous geraniums.” And oh, we hate to see them go, but the almost 3 inches of rain gave them a thrashing, so some other beauty is now coming to please. Nature! Having her way with us!

Don’t forget to cull, it’s always a good idea. And yard sales are waiting for your bounty. Our church yard sale is about 20% of our budget. (That’s some yard sale!) Let me know if you want to drop things off! We pay our rent, people get good deals… what’s not to like?

Enjoy Spring!



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