Changing Spring Sabbath Peace

Things are what they are, I suppose. Things change as they do. Sometimes as with wardrobes and flowerbeds, we’re the change agents. Sometimes we’re the acted upon. Sometimes we’re just the observers.

All of those things require decisions on our part. Do we choose to pull out the Spring clothes now? Are we willing to be sidelined by history and simply maneuvered? When does what we see require us to act? These are all good questions.

But some days, they’re good questions for another day, and today is for celebrating what is and enjoying the changes as they develop. The lilacs are in bloom and there are still, still!, some violets on lawns. Pretty heavenly.

Today, in my household, I’m hauling off yard sale donations and reclaiming space, fighting fracking with music, (how great is that?) and eating with a friend. Sweet Sabbath Peace in a Changing Spring. Next year will be different delight. But that’s for next year. Today this is what we have, let’s enjoy it.


I hope there’s space for delight in your day as well! Enjoy!

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