Speaking Out Peace, llvl

For whom do you speak? What rouses your passion? Whose plight stirs your soul? What gets you going enough that you get going?

I hope you have an answer. If your answer isn’t clear yet, I hope you are inspired to reflect and poke around a bit.

Having a constituency to speak for, to act for, to dream for changes your life. It’s often not what you plan; it’s what you notice.

I’ve spent most of my life working on women’s work and gender and sexuality. That stirs me. It always will. But when the hunger statistics invaded my consciousness, that stopped me cold. This is it. This is the bottom line on the Maslow hierarchy of needs. You can’t get far in life without satisfying hunger and shelter and healthcare. So here we are. I have a team and we’ve got a mission. And that mission has a people. And so, without any personal experience of childhood hunger, I speak for them… and agitate. and lobby.

So what gets you going? What overwhelming Love in your heart compells you finally to speak up for Peace? It’s a great feeling to know that. And an even better one to be acting on it. Because you can make a difference.


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