Community Sabbath Peace, llvl

When I lived in a big city, on those rare occasions I had a weekend off, when I headed out to do something, I went far and rarely saw anyone I knew.

But here in my little town, when I go to walk the rail trail, I see my neighbors. I may know some of them well, with others, I may just be on nodding acquaintance. Same thing at the local ice cream stand. Every line is an option to catch up: “Hey, how are you. I haven’t seen you for a while (since the last time we stood in line for black raspberry ice cream.)

I confess, I like it. It’s not like I can’t get away. It’s just that rural living means the green encroaches on the town. And that’s a lovely thing.

So enjoy a slow day in your lovely community. That’s what sabbaths are for. What the heck, it’s on me! Make Peace by loving the land and getting to know your neighbors better.


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