Peaceful Colleagues, llvl

Essentially, I work, not alone, but on my own. But there are people with whom I share mostly similar job and people who have responsibilities at my place of employment. I meet regularly with a woman’s clergy group. We have overlap and support one another. The systems we work in are quite different but the work is similar. So we talk and support and suggest. It’s grand to have colleagues with similar experience.

And then there are people who do at church. All sorts of things. Buildings, money, book club… lots of things. Our jobs aren’t dependent on each other, but they are interdependent. Without these colleagues, there is no church.

And then Peacemaking. We all work at Peace from the place we are. Sometimes the bit of Peace at which you pick away is very, very different from the Peace you are working… But the heart of the flower is Peace. And there you are. Peace Colleagues.

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. And that is just lovely. You are most likely my colleague. Makes me happy. Makes me grateful.


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