Worthy Opponent Peace, llvl

Sometimes we’re thoughtless about things and get in our own way. During those moments, we just have to bless ourselves and move on, Lord love our hearts. (southern for what the heck?)

But other times our growth is a huge challenge but happens because we challenge ourselves. We learn. We stretch. We get better. We do better. Practice and discipline, such good things.

Movements in our lives that have been shaky and jerky all of a sudden, after consistent practice, flow smoothly. We find not only the beauty of the movement but the strength — our strength. That challenge accepted is movement forward, or even inward toward our hearts.

Our groundedness and our strength, our knowledge of where we are in space allow us to know where others are. They help us understand not only what’s being said but what needs are behind those statements. They help us be present to the moment. They help us be balanced in our response. They help us be aware of the connections we have to those around us. These things can give us the ability to give some people the space they need, invite others in closer, and notice who’s not included — all valuable things for living and for Peacemaking. A Warrior for Peace. That’s who I want to be. No. Present tense (since as Yoda reminds us, no try just do.) That’s who I am.


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