Peace Advisory, llvl

I couldn’t resist. It came into my head and out my mouth. I wrote about our own personal advisory boards. I didn’t think about this until later.

I keep saying this… you should have a listing of the people who counsel you and in what areas. We need our own Wisdom keepers.

That said. what it would be like if we had a daily Peace Advisory… I’d have to say today, globally it looks a little glum. But maybe, in this village, or in yours, it could be cheerier as we begin to do work that brings folks together.

“All we are saying, is give Peace a chance.”

I’ll be singing Pete Seeger songs with my friend Larry. I’ll be asking the question, who’s writing the anthems for Peace? and who’s singing them? as we answer that, the Advisory gets more optimistic…

Today’s Peace Advisory: Warming Trends?




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