Sippin’ at June Sabbath Peace, llvl

June in Central PA. Nothing more beautiful (allergens notwithstanding.) The thing about exquisite weather is that it’s only wonderful if it’s appreciated. Reveled in, even…

And right here there’s much to enjoy. I suspect, if you’re really living your vida local, that there’s much to revel in where you are as well. Every place has treasures. And we have to lift them up, whenever we get the opportunity, because otherwise we forget how remarkable life is. If we’re not filling up, we’re not fueled for the journey.

So right here right now, in this little Valley, we’ve got amazing seasoned musicians and fabulous ascendant ones (and she’s off to Illinois!). We’ve got great restaurants and, you’re fabulous, so I’m sure you have great friends, too!

This isn’t a restaurant I can visit very often. Pretty rich for my budget, but i don’t need it all the time. I wallow in it when I get it and then get back to life. But oh, during the wallowing, it’s wonderful. Add in the music? yay! I get a lot of music married to Steve, but some nights, when everything’s aligned and the right people are in the right places, it lifts right into sacred experience!

So, today’s the Sabbath. Count your blessings and then wallow in them. You’ll count different blessings than i do, but there are so many! Enjoy the Peace, sip away slowly at it. Fill up, because you’ll need them when it’s all about back to work. Thanks for everything — and Kate Anderson, here’s listening to you, babe! Soar.


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