Peace Away from Home, llvl

I’m very happy settled into my life here in this beautiful little Valley. Things go up and down, but they keep going. I have good friends here, and now, two more! Hurrah.

But I have lived the life of a nomad and liked it. And after a while, when I’ve spent a long stretch of time at home, I long for the road. A friend says to me, oh, I hate to travel alone. Really? I love it. it wasn’t always true, but it is now. Particularly when I’m traveling to loved ones.

Knowing that I have my feet firmly planted makes it easy for my heart to roam. Knowing that my work, my life and my love are here, that this is where I work for Peace on a daily basis makes it easy to slip away to other places I have known and loved.

And oh, what love and fun awaits in those other places I’ve lived… Because there is home, home and Peace go with me. Peripatetic Peace. What fun.


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