Shadowy Peace, llvl

Few of us spend any time looking in a mirror — and when we do, often we don’t look beyond our hair. We’re discouraged from our childhood fascination and exploration in a mirror. During puberty, we learn to see only flaws in the mirror. Young adulthood only asks that we be trendy and from the first grey hair it’s all down hill.

But, stop!

There’s a lot to be seen in a mirror if we really look. Who we are is right there for us to examine. If we give ourselves a chance, our beauty is right there.

Also, It’s said that in a darkened room the shadows of our ancestors can be seen as well. All their hopes and dreams for us are there. Whatever they made of their lives, and I believe most people do the best they can, our forebears’ wish for us is that we will make the most of our lives, that we will be people of change.

Do we want that? Do we want to be people who do what we’re passionate about? What we’re interested in? Do we want to be beautiful because we’re filled with zest for life, because we’re hopeful?

Maybe starting with the shadows we can see not only our ancestors but also all the Possibilities for Peace that lies in our hearts. Wouldn’t that be a lovely sight?

You’re beautiful! And in the soft shadows we can’t see our imperfections — simply our beauty. Peace be with you. Peace be you. Peace of the shadows. Peace of your heart.


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