Voting Peace, llvl

Vote. There’s really not much more to say.

Oh, well, unless you’re a person of color and/or a woman. Then, really, vote. Cause people died so that we could. Or poor. Because many of the people who do vote are not voting in your/our best interest. But if you vote, that makes a difference.

Are you a patriot? Vote. Proud of your country? Vote. Think things should change? Vote. Care about what happens in your little community, in your vida local? yep, Vote.

Turn out. because while we’re walking around thinking we’re proud to be Americans, the rest of the world just thinks we’re ignorant and apathetic. Because we have freedoms and the only one we seem proud of is to own guns. Voting. It’s a thing. It’s a doing good thing.

Hope it’s yours. Get out there and vote for Peace.


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