Putting Up Peace

I don’t know what it’s called where you come from, but around here, thanks to German roots, you put up vegetables (up where, one wonders.)

So yesterday faced with far more zucchini than I (even after waxing eloquently about it) could manage, I through it in the crockpot with a whole bunch of other wonderful things, set it on simmer and came back 24 hours later. yum. A whole pot ful… some summer for now, a bit for later in the year.

I’m currently savoring Nature’s bounty over polenta, with just a bit of cheese!  yep! Yum!

I don’t know how we’d manage it… whether taking a photo and putting it on our mirror would do it… but imagine if we could take out a little Peace success and fill up/fuel up when we’re not having much luck moving forward… It’s one reason we really need to catalog successes, no matter how small. It hits the reset button, helps us to remember that small successes work and that we have made progress. and hooray for us.

Computer glitches have me running behind… so it’s time for me to finish today’s bounty (sufficient unto the day is the bounty thereto!)

Eat now, put up some abundance for later!


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