Eggplant Peace

Oh, I know I’m shallow. I know the only reason to make Peace here, there, and everywhere isn’t just so you get to taste the food of other cultures… But it’s not the worst reason, really, it’s not! Food can be an interesting place to enter… and entering to explore beyond the food boundaries…

Those beautiful, comma-shaped Japanese eggplants were an invitation beyond my world. it seems so simple, change the shape, change the spices (but keep the garlic constant) and everything was different. And now I feel differently about the aubergine… and all the other delightful shapes and colors with which the eggplant graces the world.

“Same, same, but different,” isn’t that what they say in Thailand? That’s what the eggplants are and that’s who people are… and that’s one thing that makes life delightful.

Nature offers metaphors everywhere. It’s up to us to explore them and to live beyond them! That way lies Peace.


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