Melon Peace

I realized as I was sending out this message, that here it was hot and humid, and there is no melon in my fridge! That’s an oversight that needs to be connected with a trip to the farm stand today. Mother Nature really concocts some wonderful things, doesn’t she?

I have a picture I treasure of my friend Lorraine and me eating melon on a beach in Corfu. Back in the days before we knew how dangerous sun worshipping was, we were young and tanned and beautiful and thrilling to the taste of watermelon. It was so hot that day and the sun was so bright. We’d hauled that melon on the ferry with us for our day-trip to another side of the island. Oh, it was heaven.

Actually, when I start reminiscing about melon, I can think of many wonderful meals with melon as a focus point… and all of the memories are of slow, relaxed meals. What joy. And it’s not as if eating an abundance of melon is bad for you. Slurp! And how many foods can you say that about?

I don’t know if melon is really a key to World Peace, but I do know that the cultures that don’t grow melons crave them, and the cultures that do relish them. So perhaps, they could be a reminder of the importance of World Peace. Certainly we need reminders. And we need slow meals with friends from cultures all over the world. If we start weaving peace, there is no way they could bring us to war with one another. So, maybe, yes, melon could be a key to World Peace. Let us make it so.

It’s certainly delicious enough to be!


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