Perseid Peace

I feel so privileged to have seen the display the Perseid Meteor Shower was offering the other night. The world is extraordinary. Far too often I don’t show up and gasp in awe.

For some reason, I’m too busy, I’m too tired, I’m too lazy, I allow myself to miss the bounty of this world — all the while focusing on the paucity of existence.

I should really stop that. Because what I saw on Friday morning is an incredible gift. And there it was: free, available for just the tiniest bit of work — and totally magnificent.

Looking at the Perseids gives you Peace and helps you understand why we must make it between all people. All people should be free and safe and joyous enough to sit back and look up and marvel. Hurrah! Peace is out there to inspire us and at the same time demand that we participate in it for the good of the world and our souls. Peace. Perseids. Not a lot more to say!



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