Hot, Humid Peace

Maybe next year, when people are complaining about the cold, people will remember their dissatisfaction with this hot, humid weather.

Asch, I doubt it. We do like being dissatisfied with the weather. It’s as hard to find something lovely to say about this weather as it is finding something great to say about cold rainy November or frigid, blustery March — other than ’tis the season!

I confess, I love it. Well, Ok, I did get a bit grumpy about the fact that the two times I started out to the pool I’d get a block and there would be either thunder or lightning, followed by a prodigious storm… but… excuses to sit in my chair and read and write — you’ll never get a complaint outta me!

And there are melons and corn and tomatoes and peaches. hello August I love you! The bounty of Summer and Summer foods! Most of them cooling! Yum!

I hope your day is cool and that you’re not forced to be working in this heat. May the hot, humid Peace of August be with you. And may I be at Peace with it. You too!


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