Peace on the Threshold

Fall has been dancing back and forth between warm sunny beautiful fall and cool, damp appropriate fall.

This recent weather has been time out of time, completely outside the normal scheme of things, and glorious for all that.

Probably if we think closely about it, we realize it’s an indication of change that isn’t good. Why is it so warm in November? Why is there no rain in California? Why are there floods other places? Climate change.

And we don’t think about that when we’re rejoicing in what’s glorious or complaining about what’s usual. Why is it November. Because it is.

This is November. Time of the grey skies and the silver rains. Time to dive for those warm sweaters and just be comfortable with what is. Time for the leaves to litter the ground and lay like the mulch they are to make new soil for the year to come.

So that we have this weather means at the very least we must enjoy it. Rather than clutch it to our chest complaining that it might go away, let us throw open our hands and hearts and dance around, one last time.

And then let us welcome the Peace of the Silver Rains and let’s celebrate that!


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