Peace on a Changing World

The Earth tilts. The Moon waxes and wanes.

We cool, we warm. Our days shorten and elongate. The Moon waxes and wanes and our tides ebb and flow.

Every day is different, although there are some constants. The progression is always the same.

As a result each day is sacred as move through the seasons and the Moons. There is new wonder to behold for every day.

Makes me suspicious of Ecclesiastes… I don’t think I believe there is a time for war and hate. Or if there was, it’s over. We’ve done that.

Time to make Peace with today. Which means not rushing into spring, but being in the in-between and deconstructing the walls of fear and hatred and stupidity.

Let’s give Peace a real chance. Today, because today is perfectly today — Earth slowly tilting toward the Sun, Moon slowly waning… Let’s be about Peace today.



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