Only Peace in the Sugar Moon

Language has power. Words matter.

But it seems that things that have been in our lives forever don’t often get noticed.

I was really startled yesterday when I went back to that Ecclesiastes passage yesterday. It was a passage you heard a lot. Thanks to the Byrds and coming of age at the right time it was a song I heard and sang often…

But yesterday as it came to mind, I realize I really don’t believe this. I don’t believe that any God ordains war or hate or killing. There’s no gift of the Universe in racism, sexism, name whatever ism you can come up with.  No.

Today when Boko Haram and ISSL are declaring themselves engaged, I want to say clearly, I understand that they think their fanaticism is Divinely ordained — and I think differently. Very differently.

Whatever you hold as holy or precious is life-giving, not life denying… and if it’s not, look up holy. Explore it. Spend some time in Nature and come home and say, oh, yeah, war, what a great idea. I don’t think so.

Peace is Sacred. Misunderstandings and Differences are opportunities to grow toward Peace. War and hate are simply giving in to the laziness of not understanding. I get the seduction… But as Matt Fox says: Artificial Ecstasies…

Bah. Under this particular Sun. Under this Sugar Moon: Peace. It’s what we’re made for…

Therefore let us keep the feast.




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