Peace of Tomatoes Past

A ripe tomato may well be my favorite food of all — but there are raspberries… and corn on the cob… and blueberries… and of course strawberries… and don’t fail to mention clementines… and, and, and.

The fact is that the perfect food is what’s ripe and good in that moment and perfect for the moment. You may have a raspberry in February, straight from the freezer, and they’re good, but they’re not, that perfect raspberry. I’ve finally found a tomato to eat in the winter that enhances that grilled cheese sammich, but it’s not THE PERFECT tomato; it’s an okay substitute.

Things are right when they are. And Peace is a whole list of things that are right when they are. (OLIVES, I forgot to mention olives!!!!!) You may favor one piece of it more than another, but you can’t deny the existence of the others and the rightness of them. All that is what makes the season wonderful. That kind of variety is what makes Peace possible. Everything has to go into Peace so that Peace isn’t a sterile ideal, but a warm, messy, wonderful thing. (sorta like watermelon!!!)

When one season ends, we must open our hearts and minds and tastebuds to the next round of deliciousness. Nature is filled with abundance. There is plenty for all. We give thanks by enjoying what is offered. Count your blessings and dig in.

I hope you enjoyed your last summer tomato — or whatever it is you enjoy, leftover from last season, ready for the next…


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