Peace Harvest Sabbath

I’ve been driving myself crrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaazy, trying to sort this and fix that. Throw this out. recycle this. find a new home for that. share. toss. Or as a friend suggested packing, purging and placing… liking the three ps!

I have deadlines and I have impetus. Swedish sisters arrive. it would be great if the house didn’t look like a storm tossed packing box. And I’m tired of the chaos. And then there’s the I have a job thing, which means I have to be able to find things. And yet, a day of rest and respite are important to our well-being, particularly when our lives are filled with whirlwinds.

So, today, on this Harvest Sabbath, the only work I will do is in decluttering the surfaces around me so that I get to sit in pretty space, and let the infrastructure lie fallow a bit, because you know what? It’ll be there tomorrow. But the Sabbath pause button will have been overlooked. So maybe a little opera. A little sitting by the river well-wrapped against the cold. A lot of laughter with friends. and home again, home again to sit in pretty space with a candle and a cuppa. Happy Sabbath… and then Monday, back to sorting.

You know, Hallowmas is coming up. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it is reflection. You’re going to have to clean off your mirrors! but not today. today, why not sit!


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