Peace and Honor in the Berry Moon

I guess I should look at the clock. Apparently it happened at 10:30… but whenever it happened, I went and stood.

We must allow ourselves to be moved by those who made that sacrifice, whatever our longing for Peace.

In their honor, we must do two things, I believe.

We must stand for Peace. We must look for new ways to deal with our world. Because hatred and fear are getting us no where. Technology makes our world smaller and smaller. But posturing politicians try to keep us in the same hateful cycles. We’re the ones who are going to have to break that. We’re going to have to reach out our hands to meet other hands reaching out. We’re going to have to push Peace up the pipeline.

And oh, my goodness, we must work for benefits for our soldiers. We love dead soldiers the way we love dead women. It’s the live ones that are problematic. (ooh, here’s tomorrow’s poem!) But too many of our soldiers are homeless and have health issues, both mental and physical that are inadequately treated. If we love our country, we must love these men and now increasing number of women.

Let our sad memories bear the fruits of peace under this beautiful Berry Moon… let us make memories for soldiers that are worthy of the sacrifice. It doesn’t matter where you enter in… but these young men and women dead and alive deserve our support… and our world deserves Peace.


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