Whoa! A Little Peace, Over Here, Stat!

As I’m running around bewailing the lack of attention paid to the needs of our living soldiers, my local paper was printing a letter to the editor that incites insurrection and the public execution of our president.

Well, that’s one way to observe Memorial Day.

Goodness gracious me.  I think perhaps public civics lessons would be a good thing.

Even though I often think of myself as a religious rather than a political animal, it’s pretty easy to understand that this man’s writings were lunatic and the paper’s decision to print wrong-headed. This man’s letter goes, I believe, well beyond free speech to threat and insurrection.

I believe in local newspapers. Most of the time, I believe in this one. Knowing what goes on in your community is important. Local newspapers give us that. We need to know about each other. But salacious reporting and warmongering letters don’t seem to me to fill a needed niche.

But it gave me a chance to act on the premise of my new facebook page The Responsible Citizen Pledge. So I wrote my letter to the editor, and it got published. Reviewing it, i wish I’d sat on it a little longer and I wouldn’t have used the word disgusted… because even though I am, it doesn’t invite the paper to change…

But let us attend to the living. And let us apply no small measure of Peace. It is needed.



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