Old Friends, Sabbath, Peace

Open hands. Open heart. Love. Loss. Letting go.

For me, part of coping with the grief is culling. Culling my sister’s possessions for those that are too her to release, at least right now. Culling the heirlooms and helping them get to the right people. Culling my stuff to make room for the mementos.

Culling… Paring. Paring down to the essentials. Who am I? What do I need? What don’t I need.

Interestingly for me, culling comes to letting go of books. If i haven’t looked at them in 5 years, i probably don’t need them. If they’re romances… sure keep around a few for those moments when mindlessness is needed… but a few is the operative word. Reference books are confusing, what if I need them… and you’ve not used them.

But feng shui would tell me, let go, make room for something new. New thoughts, new directions (new mindlessness!).

And then find something sweet and read and read and read. There’s a good Sabbath occupation. And nothing like a good book to settle my mind. Nothing like the sound of two people sitting and reading to remind me of one thing I know Peace to be.  Let it go to build it up… Peace. Peace and quiet. Nice. Open hands. Open heart.



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